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Frequently asked questions about corona tests at Schnelltest Berlin.

Questions & answers
about COVID-19 tests

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the rapid antigen test, PCR laboratory test or antibody test. We explain the different tests and inform you about the procedure at our various sites in Berlin and explain how you can get your test result.

You can find us 7 times in Berlin: in Uhlandstraße 181-183 in Berlin Charlottenburg, in Auguststrasse 20 in Berlin Mitte, in Schloßstraße 120 in Steglitz, in Eberswalder Str. 41 in Prenzlauer Berg, in Kotbusser Str. 11 in Kreuzberg, in Richardstrasse 85/86 in Neukölln and in Budapester Str. 50 in 10787 Berlin at BIKINI BERLIN. PCR laboratory tests and rapid antigen tests are offered at all our corona test centers. We also carry out antibody tests at the center in Mitte. As a Corona Test Center certified by the Senate Administration, we also offer the free corona rapid antigen test that is called Bürgertest at all of our locations.

The best way to stop the transmission of Covid-19, and protecting yourself and your loved ones, is regular testing and respecting social distancing guidelines. Therefore regular tests (antigen + PCR ) are advisable – also in private and professional surroundings to ensure the safety of everyone.

Both rapid antigen tests and PCR tests are offered by us. The tests are performed by skilled medical staff.Antigen tests directly detect an infection with Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. They can be used to protect family members, friends, and colleagues. We use antigen tests approved by the ministry of health from brands such as Roche or Siemens. The PCR Laboratory tests are produced and evaluated in Germany. They comply with the regulations of international travel.

The rapid antibody test shows whether your body has formed antibodies against the corona virus during a previous infection. Unlike the antigen test or the PCR test, the antibody test is not suitable for acute diagnosis and therefore does not reliably detect a current infection.

The results of rapid antigen tests and antibody tests are sent to you by email within 30 minutes of performing the test. The laboratory PCR results are available the next day. The process is in compliance with DSGVO supports anonymous diagnosis.

To detect an infection with Coronavirus SARS-CoV-19, a sample from the mucous membranes (nasopharyngeal swab) of the airways is used. This swab is performed orally and nasally. Our experienced and skilled staff will ensure that your experience is comfortable and the test is performed quickly, but thoroughly. For the antibody test, 2-3 drops of blood from the tip of the finger are analyzed.

Global travel rules vary significantly. Every country regulates, what is required to enter. In many cases, antigen tests are accepted. PCR tests are accepted in most countries.

The rapid antigen test costs 49,90€. You will receive the result within 30 minutes of performing the test. The PCR test results are available the next day, if the test is performed before the last laboratory collection. The PCR test costs 99,90€. The rapid antibody test in Mitte costs 59.90€. You will receive the result after approx. 20 minutes by email. All common EC and credit cards are accepted (Visa, V Pay, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express. Cash is accepted.

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